Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What Mrs. N's Been Reading - Thieves Like Us

Just finished Stephen Cole's Thieves Like Us. If you liked the Cherub series you'll probably like this one. Rather than the teens being part of a covert government agency as in the Cherub series, this one has one man, Nathanial Coldhardt, organizing a group of teens to to be international thieves for profit. The teens are all kids with either no family, or at least no family that would miss them. Each has specific skills to add to the group - a pilot, a computer encryption expert, a human lie detector, etc. Personally, I liked The Recruit from the Cherub series a little bit more than this one, but if you've run that series, the Spy High series, etc., and are looking for something else like those, this one's not bad. It has plenty of action, some reminiscent of Indiana Jones, as well as some good plot twists. Enjoy!

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