Monday, July 02, 2007

Speed Stacking Tournament

Rev. Truitt was back last Wednesday for the tournament part of our speed stacking program. Here are the results. Now, for those of you who are serious speed stackers, keep in mind when you see our times, that none of these kids owned cups, so they had a total of about 3 hours of stacking experience spread over 2 days. Taking that into consideration, I thought their times were excellent.
Overall Best Combined Times:
1st - Rishika G. 31.71 sec.
2nd - Tiara L. 34.49 sec.
3rd - Chris P. 34.92 sec.
1st - Tiara L. 4.16 sec.
2nd - Andrew C. 4.26 sec.
1st - John-Paul H. 5.5 sec.
2nd - Danny T. 5.9 sec.
1st - Rishika G. 20.11 sec
2nd - Tiara L. 23.71 sec.
Rishika and Akankhsa
Congrats to winners who received a set of mini cups and a free entry to the tournament being held in July at the Mechanicsburg Brethern in Christ Church!

Check out pics below.


David said...

Mrs. N-

I had a great time coming in with Andrew and showing everyone how to stack cups! Thanx for the opportunity and many blessings to all of you!

Mrs. N. said...

Always a pleasure having you in! Thanks again for another great program!