Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What Mrs. N.'s Been Reading - The Night My Sister Went Missing

I just finished Carol Plum-Ucci's latest book, The Night My Sister Went Missing. I'm a big fan of one of her other books, The Body of Christopher Creed (I haven't read What Happened to Lani Garver or The She - no idea why, just never got around to them) so I grabbed this one as soon as it came in. The basic premise is that a girl went over the edge of an old burned-out pier during a party after a gun was fired. The gun was being passed around and no one seems to know who had it last. The gun has disappeared and so has the narrator's sister Casey, the girl who went over the pier. Was she shot? Did she dive off as a daredevil prank? Who pulled the trigger? Were they aiming at Casey or was it an accident? During the course of the night various theories are floated during police interrogations, secrets are revealed and the story takes a number of twists. It's a quick read, that keeps you turning the pages.

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