Thursday, December 21, 2006

DDR Tournament

If you missed the DDR tournament on Saturday, you missed a great time! 40 kids showed up and 25 participated in the tournament. Some chickened out when they saw the competition (which was quite impressive!) My photos aren't so great because, well everyone was moving (duh!), I'm not a very good photographer to begin with, and I was trying to keep the tournament running at the same time. Well, enough with the excuses, here are a few of the better, believe it or not, pictures. For at least one better one, get a copy of Sunday's Patriot News. They did a nice article with a picture. If you missed it you can check out the article (sorry, no picture) at
base/news/1166323219128970.xml&coll=1 (Sorry! I broke the link to keep it from forcing the sidebar to the bottom of the page. Cut and paste to get the entire link in your address bar.)
We had a great turnout and everyone had a fabulous time, so we will definitely be doing this again. In fact, several of the kids at the tournament were bugging me to do Guitar Hero, so we'll be trying that as well. I'm trying to have the Community Room open for an afternoon at the end of Camp Hill's mid-terms and have both DDR and Guitar Hero available for free play (instead of tournament.) Watch this space, or listen for announcements at school for details. We'll also run a tournament of each in March so watch for that too.
Enjoy your holiday break!

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